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Why A Biker Bar T-Shirt Club?


The Biker Bar T-Shirt Club started out from of a love of riding.


I met a couple of guys when I worked as a Portsmouth Deputy Sheriff in the Criminal Apprehension Unit (CAU) in Portsmouth, Virginia. The guys, Charlie & Shane, and I worked for 9 years as co-workers and eventually became lifelong friends. Charlie and Shane had ridden for years and were the ones that talked me into my first bike, a shiny new Harley Davidson Fatboy Police Edition.

Charlie and Shane are both retired military guys.  Both were a little older and a hell of a lot wiser than I was. During our time together, Shane ended up getting promoted and moved quickly up the food chain.  


In January of 2006, Charlie left CAU and went to work on motors.  Bikes were always his first love.  Sadly, on July 6, 2006, Charlie lost his life in the line of duty.  This man was a father figure and a good friend.  He was taken way too soon, causing me and Shane to reflect on what was truly important in life.


The best memories I have are riding with these two men and finding a local biker bar for lunch or a beer.  It didn’t matter if it was a short ride around Hampton Roads or a stretch to the Carolinas.  This was the time when I personally found myself at peace.  With the only things to think about: the ride and friends, Shane and I started this company with Charlie in our Hearts.  


He will always be a part of us as we ride.  He will always be part of the Biker Bar T-Shirt Club, as his portion of the company is gifted to his wife.  It’s not really a gift though, it’s the inspiration for why we do what we do. Rest in Peace Charles Aubrey Fisher EOW 07-06-06.